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  • PHONE -917-881-1490 -if we have not met previously PLEASE PLEASE introduce yourself in a proper way on the text , i get so many every week ( mostly the kind that make me roll my eyes lol) so Class and Decency goes a long way guys. :-)
  • EMAIL:
    As of 5/23/18, these as well as Text messages will be answered by my assistant Tara in the evenings after 10pm, as the number of undesireables and "fantasy bookers" contacting me since some sites went down is overwhelming me.  P.S. I DO NOT answer emails without a proper introduction and a VERIFIABLE contact number included . ...any emails with numbers shown as bandwith ( computer phone #s) are not answered .
  •  You will need to be screened to see me , please include your full name , either a ID , Passport , work info ,  a web presence ex: Facebook  , LinkedIn . Anyone emailing just asking if im avail on a certain date without info is ignored unfortunately this is due to a few bad guys out there that now make it harder for the good guys . we will need to eventually speak on the phone to finalize our date , i always like to say a quick hello to make us both feel more comfortable . ;-)  .. Text messages from gentlemen i havent already met should include your full name and date you would  like to meet etc ....***Text such as "Are You Available or "Hello Beautiful"  in other words one liners with no Proper intro are immediatey deleted and most times blocked 
  • References-Gentleman - if I have not met you in the past year please Do NOT give my name as a reference to another lady, I do not keep records so I will not be able to confirm I had ever met you. and Ladies please if a gent does give my name please ask him the approx date/year he met me before contacting me. thanks, loveys ;-)





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